This clavichord was restored by Felix Wolff in 1971. String thicknesses and string materials used for the calculation of the string tensions are those chosen at the restoration.

The tangents have been replaced several times, so the original positions are not known. For the version shown here a quarter-comma meantone tuning is chosen. There are good reasons to believe that this was the original intention.

In this tuning a chromatic semitone is much smaller than a diatonic semitone, so D - D# should be smaller than D - Eb. D# is chosen here, as the distance between this key and D is smaller than the distance between C# and D. The lowest fret needs tangents positioned near the edges of the outer keys and leaning a little outwards.

For a discussion of this choice see Clavichord International Vol.10 No.1 May 2006, pp. 17-20: HansErik Svensson, Comments on the tuning of some fretted clavichords in the Stockholm Music Museum.