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Pentti Pelto

Music on the Pipes of the Nauvo Positive Organ

The Nauvo positive has been named after the church in which the instrument used to stand in Finland. It was made by an anonymous builder probably in the 1660's. Juhani Martikainen has researched the history and structure of the instrument in his doctoral thesis (Orglar i Finland från tiden 1600-1800, deras byggare, historia, konstruktion och stil. Studia musica 7, Sibelius-Akatemia, Helsinki 1997).

The stops as they are now:

Principal 2'
Gedackt 4'
Quinta 3'
Oktava 2'
Oktava 1'
Scharf 2x

These recordings were made in National Museum in Helsinki, Finland, 25. 5. 1993. Kangasalan Urkurakentamo (Kangasala Organ Builders) made a simple playing device, into which some of the pipes were placed. There were disturbances: cars outside the building, people moving in the stairs, etc. The worst disturbance came from the blower, which could not be silenced.

Mikko Korhonen from Kuopio improvised all the music.

First Improvisation: Gedackt 12'08"
Second Improvisation: Gedackt, Principal and Quinta 11'47"
Third Improvisation: Gedackt, Principal and Quinta 11'00"
Great Improvisation : Gedackt, Principal and Quinta
   (Three movements) 4'20"

The recording was made by Pentti Pelto, Jouko Pirkkanen and Timo Salonen.