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Instrument:  Clavichord after anonymus clavichord in The Stockholm Music Museum ( N264785)
Maker: Mikko Korhonen, Marholmen 1990
Compass: C/E - c3, broken octave
 fretted c-c#, eb-e, f-f#, g-g#, bb-b
 c1-c#1, eb1-e1, f1-f#1, g1-g#1, bb1-b1
 c2-c#2, eb2-e2, f2-f#2, g2-g#2, a2-bb2, b2-c3 
440 Hz
Meantone with Eb and G#
Owner: Mikko Korhonen, Kuopio, Finland

Mikko Korhonen
Recording date:
August 1999

A Key Catalogue was recorded in August 2001:
C major - D major - D minor - Eb major - E major - E minor - F major - F# minor - G major - G minor - Ab major - A minor - A major - Bb major - Bb minor - B minor - B major - C major

Report and more info from a Marholmen-course