Ruckers, Ioannes

Style: virginal M2592
Date: 1642
Compass: C/Eā€”c3
Dimensions: 1474 x 486 x 215

A virginal where the strings are plucked not close to the end of the string, but about one-third of the way along their length, is called a muselar.

Ruckers-instruments are made in different lengths, intended for different pitches. This instrument is a five-foot virginal with a pitch supposed to be about a semitone higher than modern pitch.

It was restored in 1957 by Martin Scholz, Basel. Since that time string materials more similar to the original materials have been available. Old sources also show that original strings were thicker than those used in the restoration. After a first recording session a change was made to thicker Malcolm Rose-strings (red brass, yellow brass, iron type A) and the pitch was changed from a1=415 Hz to a1=466 Hz.

For safety reasons the tuning was then brought back to a1=415 Hz. Recordings were made in all three versions.

As restored, a1=415 Hz

Rose-strings, a1=466 Hz

Rose strings, a1=415 Hz