Lindholm & Söderström

Style: clavichord N191234
Place: Stockholm
Date: 1807
Compass: FF—c4
Dimensions: 2046 x 600 x 207

In 1800 Pehr Lindholm went into partnership with his son-in-law Henric Johan Söderström. This is a clavichord in the luxury mahogany version of their standard model. The case is not painted but veneered, the lid is made of solid mahogany, and the naturals are covered with ivory.

The clavichord is a deposition from the Nordiska museet. It was bought from an antique shop in Stockholm in 1932, and it is very unlikely that it could have been tuned since that. To demonstrate the stability the tuning was left untouche for the recording, as was done for the clavichord by Eric Wessberg (N83583). The pitch is three semitones below modern pitch and about two semitones below the original pitch.

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